Our Story

An unmissed connection brought Parsnip's cofounders together.

Erin Lenhardt

Erin was on life journey Reed College > Norm’s Farms Co-Founder > Chicago Booth MBA > The Food Mint Founder > Sir Kensington’s.

Sally Rogers

Sally was on life journey UNC-Chapel Hill > Boston University Master’s in Musicology > Wellington Management Company COO to the CIO > Deloitte Consulting > First Republic Bank > Nibble.

They met, and then kept in touch. They compared notes as female founders working in food in San Francisco.

In early 2018, they tasked themselves with identifying a problem they could solve together.

They talked. They listened.

Eventually, they identified a big problem that needed solving. In their life journeys, they were seeing most professional connections happen (like their own!) as the happy result of who you know, lucky networking, or a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and usually, cold emails.


They observed that connection was also happening more quickly and easily in people's personal lives, sometimes even resulting in MARRIAGE. Yes, dating sites and apps had transformed connection. So in July 2018 they decided to build Parsnip with a single vision: to connect better-for-you brands with partnership opportunities.

Today, their wake includes waves of connections already made for brands like Bare Snacks, Summit, Health-Ade Kombucha, and NPR.

They’re excited to keep moving, with a business deeply rooted in three beliefs that keep them energized to make connections.


There is power in partnership.

Brands can spark consumer love by working together. It shows you’re not alone. That’s powerful.


The more the merrier.

There is room for many many many more companies to create better-for-you products. No need to be precious.


Access to access.

We are democratizing brand partnerships: taking the opportunity out of the hands of a few and into a collaborative platform.

Not yet on this journey with us?