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    Creating your Parsnip profile means free SEO — and discoverability by brands, influencers, retailers, and investors. Grow your business with partners by your side.

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    Filling out our brief intake form will create your Parsnip profile, which you can then update to tell us more about your partnership preferences. The more information you give us, the better your matches will be!

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    Parsnip users start receiving match requests from other users after signing up. Active users can also request matches with other Parsnip members including brands, events, influencers, agencies, and other partners.

Who we are

We are driven by three core beliefs

  • There is power in partnership

    Brands can spark consumer love by working together. It shows you’re not alone. That’s powerful.

  • The more the merrier

    There is room for many many many more companies to create better-for-you products. No need to be precious.

  • Access to access

    We are democratizing brand partnerships: taking the opportunity out of the hands of a few and into a collaborative platform.

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