Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parsnip and how does it work? Here are some of the questions we get most often.

  • How much does it cost?

    Parsnip is currently in free Beta. Seriously. That means that all of your matches and double opt-in introductions are completely complimentary. We will be transparent as we start to monetize our platform; and of course our current Beta users will be the first to know when we plan to introduce fee-based services or tier-based pricing. We also expect that we will always have a free version.

  • How does it work?

    In order to start requesting and receiving matches, sign up! Based on what you tell us about partnerships, we’ll get to work matching you with like-minded brands. At the same time, when you opt-in to including your logo on our site, other users have the chance to initiate a partnership conversation with you, too!

  • Why are Parsnip Matches Double Opt-In Only?

    We firmly believe that double opt-in is the best way to make introductions. Most of us have been there: a well intentioned friend volunteered us to give away some of our time without asking us, and now we’re in for a coffee that we don’t actually want to make time for. Not at Parsnip. All matches are based on mutual interest, ensuring that your connection has a real chance to turn into something great.

  • Is Parsnip for co-marketing only?

    Not necessarily. Our Beta users include food and beverage brands, clothing and lifestyle companies, professional service providers, and even distribution partners. While we’re hard at work building a platform that will generate value for our users, we’re also hearing feedback from our Beta cohort that they’d like help getting on retail shelves or want to connect with one another for advice. Parsnip will evolve over time, but it was started with the idea that growing your business is easier with the right co-marketing partners.

  • Where’d the Name Come From?

    Sally had a moment of inspiration on a yoga mat. Parsnip is an overlooked root vegetable that also sounds a little like the word partnership. We decided to run with it, knowing that we can always change our name later. In the meantime, our users seem to like it.