Parsnip Community Guidelines

Parsnip is a company that puts its users first when it comes to making important decisions. The guidelines below are intended to provide guidance for using our services, but also to acknowledge activities that may be stopped by Parsnip. These guidelines serve to best assist our users and encourage a collaborative, congenial community.

  • Be Honest

    The information in your company profile is only as good as what you put in there! It’s not ok to provide misleading information about your company or your intentions, as your potential partners are checking you out every day. Parsnip was built around core values of transparency and honesty; our users are a natural extension of that value into the community.

  • Be Inclusive

    The nature of Parsnip is one of positivity and inclusion. There is not room in our ecosystem for companies that think their products or services are better than others. We believe there is room for all the better-for-you and wellness brands to work together. Any company taking a stand of responsibility or sustainability, even if only in a small way, is welcome.

  • Discover

    As a community, we have only just begun to realize the potential of partnership marketing. We know that building a business can be hard, time-consuming, and lonely. We aim to make Parsnip a community of positive, open companies that are willing to try to work together, and to consider opportunities they might not have otherwise. Discover! Learn! Challenge yourself to be creative and thoughtful about partnership marketing and what it can do for your business.