A Founder Story: 'Okina, Kristin Eldredge

By Kristin Eldredge
Nov. 12, 2020

Like many products these days, Kristin started 'Okina when she couldn't find products on the shelf that were the same quality she would make at home. Quality is key for 'Okina! Kristin talks all things regenerative farming and what brings her motivation and joy as an entrepreneur.

What problem are you solving with your brand’s products?

What can I feed my family? ‘Okina began as an answer to that basic question. It’s a challenge many of us face in the midst of our busy lives.

As I looked for breakfast and snack options for my kids, I struggled to find products that met my standards. Artificial ingredients, filler flours and overly sweetened baked goods? ...I couldn’t do it. Where was tasty and healthful?

I started baking from scratch, but that quickly shifted from a joy to a chore as I tried to keep up with the appetite of two growing boys. Knowing that others have similar struggles, I created a shortcut -- a baking mix that captures the way you’d bake if you had the time.

Why do you tell customers your products are the best?

#1: We use the best ingredients possible. It’s rare to come across brands with this level of attention to sourcing. We have direct relationships with regenerative and organic family farms and tell you exactly where the ingredients are coming from. Our short supply chain and in-house milling mean each bite is as fresh as it gets. Tracking these ingredients down from each farm on your own would take a lot of time and energy, and you certainly won’t see this level of attention in premade goods!

#2: We focus on healthful, balanced recipes. Our mixes make baked treats, but we steer clear of sugar bomb status. We use nutrient-dense whole grains and seeds instead of filler flours and lightly sweeten with maple sugar. And we invite you to add fresh fruits and veggies.


What are you most proud of with your products?

I’m proud that these baking mixes really are the best mixes I could possibly put together. No shortcuts have been taken. They’re truly something I feed my family… actually, better than what I’d typically be able to make!

The extra care in sourcing the ingredients from farms with regenerative practices means we’re creating products that are good for the planet too. Milling the whole grains and seeds ourselves means everything is exceptionally fresh, flavorful and healthful. Prior to ‘Okina, the sourcing and milling would be things I’d love to do but would lack the time to carry out.

It’s so nice to be creating products that allow others to enjoy that level of quality too! It’s no easy feat, but I’m glad to be putting out the very best products I can… and honestly, I appreciate the way this question reminds me to celebrate that!

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My favorite quote that hangs in my office (or is on repeat in my brain) is ______

Two quotes from Seth Godin flow into my mind often. The first is the short phrase, “drip by drip.” With so much to be done starting and growing a business, this reminder is grounding and comforting. It helps me focus on the next step and trust the process.

The second quote I turn to from Seth is, “Liberate yourself from the need to be right.” I came across it in his book What to Do When It’s Your Turn when I was first starting out on my entrepreneurial path. I have an unhelpful tendency to look at things as though there is always a right and wrong. Entrepreneurship very much challenges you to move away from that way of viewing things. These words from Seth remind me that there is no one right path. That lifts a huge weight in the decisions that need to be made each and every day.


On a weekly basis, one thing that brings me the most joy is ______.

Well, this admittedly looks a little different in the era of Covid-19. While I previously would have pointed to family gatherings and coffee with friends as weekly times of joy, those aren’t part of my weekly reality right now.

Still, there’s a new practice my family has taken up that brings me joy. After dinner we go out for a walk. It’s not something we’d normally have time to do coming home from practice, getting everything done and everyone to bed in time to get up early the next morning. It’s interesting to see lots of other families out with their kids as it’s starting to get dark. I appreciate that opportunity. It’s been a welcome little pause for us these days!


Where to find us

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