Quick Fixes To Bring Wellness To Your Day When You Are In A Hurry

By Emily Hines
April 7, 2022

The pandemic has been long and we have been working from home or in hybrid situations for quite some time. Even without those conditions, the day to day of modern life can be stressful and it’s important to take moments throughout the day to support your wellbeing.

It doesn’t always have to be a big deal - a candlelit bath with a glass of the new fancy sparkling cbd drink and an expensive bath oil - or take up a ton of time. So, here are some quick fixes to bring wellness to your day when you are in a hurry, like so many of us are!


Make a Drink

Tea: Boil some water, grab your favorite mug, and pick a tea blend that soothes your mood. Don’t have a big tea collection? Start small! A de-stressing blend is a great place to begin. I love Evening Tisane from Wight Tea Company*.

Lemon In Your Water: Hydration goes a long way! Adding a little lemon to your water, especially first thing in the morning, is a great way to kick start your system. I like adding lemon to my water when I feel like I want a little something extra, but don’t want caffeine or a sugary drink.

Mix It Up: There are so many powders and mixes out there now that you can add to your water for an easy and quick boost of vitamins and nutrients. Here are a few that are newer to the market that we can’t wait to try.

  • Zyn: These turmeric based powders offer immunity support, recovery, and help mitigate inflammation.
  • Kencko: Powdered fruits and veggies you add to water! As an on-the-go mom this sounds delightful as a way to get my nutrients quickly and efficiently. 
  • Cure*: Cure has been around for a while but they recently went through a rebrand and have quite a few fun new flavors of their electrolyte mix that I can’t wait to try! 
  • Peak and Valley: These adaptogen and herbal blends are perfect for helping nourish your skin, sleep, stress, and brain!
  • Nod Foods*: Need a little boost of caffeine with your adaptogens? Nod Foods has you covered with their Matcha Oat Tea Latte! Quick, easy, and delicious in the morning.


Take A Break

Simply just stop. Stop doing what you are doing and just sit, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Fresh air to your lungs does wonders and you can literally do this anywhere!

You don’t need accessories to do this, but some folks find they help:

  • Project Full*: We are big fans of setting up a space just for taking these moments of mindfulness. Project Full has amazing accessories for creating your zen zone!
  • Knock Knock*: If you find your mind is racing, grab your favorite journal and write your thoughts down! It will help you process and release what’s keeping your wheels turning. These journals from Knock Knock are motivational!
  • Simplified Planner: Maybe your day to day is so chaotic that you need more than just a journal, you need to organize your day, life, thoughts, etc. These planners are simple and help you get organized so you can get back to what matters most to you!


Move Your Body

Taking a break to move my body usually helps me clear my thoughts and get some energy to finish the day! Some of my favorite ways to move don’t require any tools. Yoga, pilates, dancing to my favorite songs, and going for a walk. You can do all of these things without any tools or special clothing. If you need a little guidance or want to add some comfy female-founded yoga gear to your routine here are some great places to start:

  • The Underbelly: I love Jessamyn Stanley and that she has created a platform for inclusivity in the yoga space all body positivity, racial inclusivity, authenticity, and judgment free! So needed in what can be a very non-inclusive industry.
  • KiraGrace Yoga*: The cutest patterns and comfiest clothes for your workouts! As we start going back into the office more after wearing our sweats for 2 years, they also make clothes that go from your desk to the yoga studio - comfy and professional!
  • Yoga Wake Up*: Feel like you need to start the day off with a better routine? This app has yoga videos with flows that will help you get a kickstart in the right direction.
  • YouTube: Yupp, just head to your favorite video site, type in the length of the workout you are looking for and how you want to move your body (30 Minute Relaxing Yoga) and there are tons of awesome and free videos. This is my personal favorite for stretching after a long day of sitting.


Rinse The Day Away

Hopping in the shower or running a bath is also a great way to take a break from the buzz of the day. Now that we have all been working from home for so long, I love using this as a transition in my day. I close my laptop, take a shower, and start my evening feeling relaxed. 

Again, you don’t need anything fancy, just some hot water. But, a few little touches along the way certainly help:

  • Seaweed Bath Co.*:  A nice smelling soap or soothing lotion goes a long way! They are available in Target and Whole Foods for a quick grab next time you are there.
  • Pact*: Soft organic cotton towels like these from Pact are one purchase that will last you a while and make your bathroom feel like a spa! 
  • Simple Nature*: If you’re getting in the bath, turn off the lights and light a candle. Not only is it way more relaxing and calming to your senses, but you are less likely to grab your phone and scroll when you’re that zen.
  • Slow North*: These bath salts are so luxurious and beautiful for sitting on the edge of your tub! Don’t feel like you have to splurge though: the act of pouring simple epsom salts into the bath feels like a nice ritual in and of itself.

I don’t know about you, but my skin is so dang dry this winter! I love my cocokind products when it comes to moisturizing with real ingredients. This Mask and Moisture Bundle looks perfect for tackling that dry winter skin and giving yourself some pampering time to slow down, reflect, and take a break. 

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This guide was written by Emily Hines, a freelance brand manager for CPG brands.