15 Female-Founded Products to Help Support Your Immunity

By Emily Hines
March 18, 2020

This week’s product roundup is written by Emily Hines, a brand and digital marketing freelancer for Parsnip and CPG brands, and features 15 female-founded brands that are creating products that can support your immunity!

First things first, I hope this blog post finds you feeling calm, prepared, and well. If not, know you are not alone! Whether you are a small business owner, feeling anxious with every new development, or have a loved one who is ill, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all. As a wellness community of consumers, service providers, brands, and those that support them we have to look after each other.

While you are cooped up at home - hopefully practicing some social distancing - you are probably feeling like there is something you want to do to be helpful. I know my skills are limited in the medical realm, so I took to what I am good at - writing, researching, and wellness products - to create this guide of female-founded products to help support your immunity. All of these brands are making fantastic products that research shows can boost your immunity. They are led by amazing women founders, who we can definitely get behind supporting, but need all the love and attention they can get during this time when small, medium, and local businesses are suffering.

So, browse away and maybe you will find a brand or two to support now (or later!) in this list of 15 female-founded products that can support your immunity.

*Bonus* Some brands even have a discount code for you to use!

Hydration Hydration Hydration

Female Founded Products To Help Support Hydration

Liquids all day everyday has been the motto in our house to keep our bodies hydrated and strong. It’s not a secret that staying hydrated is key ALL the time, but in times of sickness (or avoiding it) it can be your body's first line of defense. Here are a few female-founded brands that are helpful in the process:

  • Simply Straws: You can feel good about the environment when you are drinking out of these! Perfect for smoothies, water, iced tea, iced coffee .. basically all the self-distancing essentials. I find that I drink a lot more water when I have a straw, so these are a must for me. [Code: FEMALE25 for 25% off your order]
  • Cure Hydration: I ordered their Wild Thing - Wild Berry flavor a few months ago for post-workout hydration and have continued using them through this flu season. These are the electrolyte/hydration packets that I found had the cleanest ingredients, no added sugar, and tasted good. Just mix with water and go! [Code: TRYCURE for 20% off your first order.]
  • Superior Switchel: What exactly is a switchel you ask? It is a refreshing elixir that usually contains water, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and a sweetener. It is energy boosting and has been known as a natural immunity booster and electrolyte builder. A nice little treat for when you are binge watching your latest guilty pleasure. [Code DRINKSWITCHEL for 20% OFF.]
  • Meridian Made: These teas, brewed with Chinese medicinal herbs, can be found throughout San Francisco and are perfect for drinking hot or cold. The Restorative Berry flavor is especially filled with super-herbs that are good for boosting immunity - like goji berries.

Adaptogens, Superfoods, and Herbs - oh my!

Woman Run Adaptogen and Super Food Companies

My favorite thing about women in wellness is that we are tapping into and bringing to mainstream culture traditional and ancient uses for herbs, spices, and foods that have held a special place in Eastern medicine for ages! Adaptogens that give the body exactly what it needs, spices with known superpowers, and plants that taste great and serve a purpose are all here for you in this time of immuno-need. So, here are a few woman-run brands to help:

  • Goldmine Adaptogens: Founded by two women, one a nutritionist, in San Francisco this brand is as delicious as the packaging is beautiful! An adaptogen-powder filled with superherbs and goodies to support your stress levels and immunity. It is super easy to mix this into your morning latte to give yourself that extra boost. Still not clear what adaptogens are? Read here. [Code: GLDMLOVE for Free Shipping.]
  • Diaspora Co. Turmeric: Turmeric is known to strengthen immunity and Diaspora Co. makes some of the highest-quality turmeric that you can feel good about consuming. They pay a living-wage price to their partners and farmers - 100% YES! And there are so many ways to weave turmeric into your routine - see some suggestions here. [Code: FREEHIPPO for free shipping on orders $30+ AND they're donating $4 out of every $12 Pragati Jar of turmeric to COVID-19 relief efforts.]
  • Clevr Golden SuperLatte: Want your turmeric already mixed in together with adaptogens and herbs for a quick and easy super latte? Want that turmeric to be from Diaspora Co? Look no further than the Clevr Golden SuperLatte! This is a partnership product we have been loving lately! [Code: PARSNIP10 for 10% off all orders.]
  • Carmel Berry - Elderberry Syrup: Elderberry syrup is well known among the wellness community as a way to support your immune system and your body during times of sickness. Carmel Berry Co. makes theirs in hand-crafted batches from small farmers. It’s high quality, women made, and you can feel great about it making you feel great! [A portion of all sales this month and next are being donated to their local relief fund: Community Foundation for Monterey Peninsula]

The Magic Word - Probiotics:

Female-Founded Brands With Probiotics

Most people are familiar with probiotics by now - they have been a buzz word in the wellness community for years. These live microorganisms are naturally occurring in the body, but need replenishing as the activities and consumption in our daily lives can deplete them. They naturally occur in a lot of foods - especially fermented ones - and have been known to help support the immune system. These female-founded brands are here to help you have a happy gut:

  • TrueKimchi: These unique, family kimchi recipes have been passed down for generations. Not only will flavors like the Spicy Napa Kimchi (also available in a vegan option) add some pizzazz to your meals, but the probiotics will work their magic as well.
  • Lavva Plant-Based Yogurt: Filled with natural pre-biotics from plantains and an added blend of vegan probiotics this yogurt is sure to make your gut happy! Plus, this plant-based yogurt is made with pine nuts - a low-waste alternative to other nut-based yogurts. They can be found pretty easily - I am going to pick some up next time I brave a grocery run!
  • Purely Drinks: These sparkling tonics are a delicious way to drink down your probiotics, plus drinking vinegars have been a traditional beverage for thousands of years. These handcrafted beverages are made in SF with the highest quality ingredients, so no guilt here! [Code: PURELYBOOST for 20% OFF online orders.]

Green Tea & Antioxidants:

Women Led Products Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are touted as an anti-aging must-have -- and yes, there is no shame in stocking up on some red wine now too! But, part of their magic is that they fight ‘free radicals’ which can damage cells -- leading to that whole aging thing, but also to immunity issues. These women-founded brands are all about helping you get those antioxidants to help your immune system stay in tip-top shape:

  • Mizuba Tea Matcha: A classic source of antioxidants, matcha has become a superhero in the wellness community. But, you want to make sure you are purchasing the good stuff! Mizuba ticks all the boxes: freshly sourced, shade-grown, and stone-milled on a friend-of-the-founders’ organic farm!
  • Golde Matcha Turmeric Tonic: Want your matcha to have a little bit of that anti-inflammatory turmeric we talked about for an extra immunity boosting kick? Look no further than Golde’s turmeric tonic blend: Matcha Golde. Easy as mixing in with any of your favorite beverages! [Code: FEELGOOD for Free Shipping.]
  • Lil’ Bucks: Buckwheat is also a superfood, but did you know that the reason it is so good for you is that it packs a punch in front of antioxidants? Lil’ Bucks makes sprouted buckwheat snacks that you can use as toppings or eat by the handful. They also make clusters (called Clusterbucks -- love the name!) for your snacking needs. Packing even more of an antioxidant punch? Their Lil’ Bucks Matcha flavor!
  • Wight Tea Co: Carrying a wide variety of quality teas, Wight Tea Co probably has whatever tea you are needing! Try their Blueberry Basil Rooibos (literally ordering some as we speak) that has a load of antioxidants from the rooibos! Finally, for those of you who had to cancel a fun spring break vacation on the beach - I feel you, I just called and cancelled my ‘babymoon’ *sigh* - sip this Tropical Green Tea and feel relaxed and beachy. [Code: PARSNIP for 15% off and orders over $20 receive Free Shipping through March.]

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