3 Ideas for Last-Minute Brand Partnerships and How To Execute Them

By Emily Hines
Oct. 14, 2020

With various holidays approaching you have probably been focused on supporting retailers and making sure you have plenty of product in stock for the rest of this busy quarter. You might have also realized that you have not yet planned any partnerships for the rest of the year. Don’t panic! Depending on your timeline there are still plenty of things that you can do. For the holidays at the end of the quarter - Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah - you have time to execute a full-fledged partnership if you get on it now. But what about Halloween?

This post has three ideas for last minute brand partnerships and how to execute them so that you can still give your customers some *tricks-and-treats* for Halloween.

Ideas For Last-Minute Brand Partnerships:


Shared Coupon Code
: This one is super easy! Find a few brands that share similar values or all fit into a theme and then create a shared coupon code! For example if the theme is healthy candy alternatives you would each make the same code - NOTRICKS is a fun one - live on your site with the same exact discount. Then be sure to get the word out to all your collective social channels with consistent messaging and imagery. It’s an easy partnership to increase exposure and incentivize sales with like-minded customers. Best part? Everyone wins! Treats for all!

Giveaway: With the power of Photoshop and Canva you can create beautiful giveaway graphics without needing to worry about the lead time to send product to one place and schedule a photoshoot! Carry on with your giveaway as usual - easy peasy. Not sure how to execute a giveaway? Check this Parsnip post!

IG Story Takeover: A partnership that requires no physical assets, just some good planning! Exchange products with another brand’s founder or marketing manager so they can use your goodies (think: recipe ingredient collabs, snack time mash-ups, products that are perf for WFH). Then each of you can take over the other’s Instagram stories for the day to answer on-brand questions and talk about how they enjoy using one another’s products. Offer a discount for both brands in the last slide and encourage following the partner brand’s Instagram as well.

Execute Your Last-Minute Partnership:


1: Do Your Outreach Right:
Make sure in your outreach that you address that you are aware this is last minute, but have plans for it to come to fruition. Lay those plans out and make it as easy as possible for your partners to see this as possible and to say yes. Need help researching partners? Check out this past blog post and login to Parsnip to browse potential partners.

2: Photoshop Is Your Best Friend: Photoshop and Canva are great tools for creating giveaway graphics when you don’t have time to exchange products and get a photoshoot on the calendar. Don’t stress about setting up a shoot session and just ask your partners for a high quality photo of their product. Set all the product images over a unique background and you’re good to go! We do this for all of our product roundups, like this one.

3: Keep Shipping Simple: Don’t worry about shipping the winner all of the products from the same place, which will add more time to the whole process. The winner really just cares about getting their goodies! Each of you can ship from your own warehouse OR gift the winner a gift card and a free shipping coupon.

Hopefully these ideas for last minute brand partnerships help you execute some fun and engaging content for your customers! Pull one off? Tag us so we can see!

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This week’s blog is written by
Emily Hines, a brand and digital marketing freelancer and consultant for Parsnip and CPG brands.